BEARGEAR Lever Belt Black Edition 8mm

BEARGEAR Lever Belt Black Edition 8mm

Brand:Bear Gear
Product Code: lever_black
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- Unique Fit 4″- 3″ wide 8mm thick Lever Belt
- Soft and Durable real cowhide for comfort
- Advanced lever closure can be loosened in less than 1 second
- Adjustable buckle position
- Conforms to your body shape better than anything on the market
- Ideal for gym workouts and cross-fit

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MarkingWorking Length (cm)

*Allow more length to tighten belt. Your body measurements must be within the range with allowance of 3-5 cm (waist more than the belt)

New generation of Lever Belts never seen in the worlds before.

BEARGEAR Lever Belt Black Edition is a unique fit belt series. Having back width of 4″ and front 3″ it perfectly fits your body and supports your back with comfort.
Bodies differ, this is why BEARGEAR™ has developed BEARGEAR™ Lever Belt Black Edition. 

This Belt is not only supports your back while heavy lifting, it also provides progressive results in your movements. 8mm thickness is the best choice for comfortable training applications. Being durable yet soft, the belt conforms to your body and considered to be both comfortable and effective. Finished with top quality, fine suede providing non-slip surface.

BEARGEAR™ Lever Buckle makes it easy to tighten with a single move and loosened in less than a second with a quick flick of the patented buckle. No more suffocation while trying to get rid of the belt tension! BEARGEAR™ Lever Buckle can be adjusted up to three inches tighter or looser. The tighter it’s worn the more secure the Lever Buckle stays in place, so it always works for you and your results,never against.

Unlike other cheaper belts, where there are leather layers glued together to make thickness that can come loose years later, all BEARGEAR™ Lever Belts are one solid thickness of the finest, selected REAL cowhide. 
There are no compromises in quality: four rows of lock-stitched, corrosive resistant, hi-density nylon, the edges of the belt are finished with refinement but not rounded, as it’s known that rounding of the edges lessens the effective width.

BEARGEAR™ Lever Belt Black Edition is a REVOLUTION of its kind and a great tool of reaching great performance with comfort that we are proud to present to real enthusiasts.

Lastly, this is the most bold, slick, handsome Lever Belt ever produced.  

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